Why Filters 2 Your Door?


Will I save money using a higher quality air filter?

Yes! Experts estimate that the average cost reduction derived from using a high-efficiency filter is approximately 10%. These cost savings include the reduction in energy consumed by your HVAC system and reduced repair and maintenance costs, not to mention the cost of system replacement resulting from failure to replace your filters on a regular basis. Furthermore, a lot of the cheaper (more porous) filters are only 30 day filters while all of our filters are 90 day filters.

How do your prices compare to the big box stores?

Our customers’ cost per filter is typically less than what you’d pay at a big box store for a better quality air filter: $9.99 per filter for our MERV 8, $12.99 for our MERV 11 and $14.99 for our MERV 13. Additionally, Filters 2 Your Door offers the added convenience of getting the correct filters at the appropriate time delivered to your doorstep so you will never forget to change them again (and no more trips to the store)!

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Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit and debit cards! We don’t accept cash or checks.

When will F2YD charge me once I start the service?

We will charge your card immediately for your 1st shipment and then 10 calendar days before every shipment thereafter.


How long will it take to receive my first order?

Your first order typically ships from our facility in 10 to 14 business days. Since all orders are recurring, future orders will show up at your door based on your chosen frequency.

If I establish an “every 3 month” frequency, do I have to do anything after that to receive my shipments?

Nope! We remember so you don’t have to. Once you set your frequency, quality, and filter sizes, your filters will arrive at your door around the same time of the month every 3 months (or whichever frequency you choose).

What if my filters arrive damaged, or I get shipped the wrong size filters?

Please call us or email us at CustomerService@Filters2YourDoor.com. We will send you replacement filter(s) free of charge. See our Return Policy for additional details.

What are my shipping frequency options?

1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 months plus On-Demand

What is the “On-Demand Only” shipping option?

Do you want the convenience of automatic delivery, but also want to control the order placement? We have an option for you! If you select “On-Demand Only” when placing your initial order, we will send you a friendly reminder e-mail when it’s time to replace your filters. Click the Replace button and we will process your order immediately. If you aren’t ready to order new filters just yet, it’s no problem! We’ll go ahead and send you another reminder email at the appropriate time.



How do I know what size filters to order?

Your size should be printed on the outside of your filter. If you can’t find the size, measure the filter you need to replace. Filters are usually rounded up to the next whole number. For example, if you measure 19 ½” x 24 ½” x 7/8”, you will need a 20” x 25” x 1” filter.

Can condo, apartment, and small business owners order from F2YD?

Absolutely. If you need high-quality air filters AND you have a door, we’ll deliver filters right to that door. In fact, Filters 2 Your Door is a great recurring service for rental owners. Filters show up at the doors of tenants to remind them when it’s time to make the change – and landlords don’t need to worry about costly energy bills and HVAC repairs.

You don’t carry my filter size – what do I do?

We aim to offer as many filter sizes as possible – 28 different sizes in all. If you don’t see your size, please email us at CustomerService@Filters2YourDoor.com. We add new sizes frequently, and your valuable feedback will greatly assist us in determining future filter offerings.


Account Maintenance

What if I want to make modifications to my profile (e.g. name, address, password) or change details about an upcoming order (e.g. filter #, filter type)?

All of these options are available on your account page immediately after signing in. Profile changes must be made at least 15 calendar days before every shipment to ensure they take effect in time. Based on the field you need updated, you may need to call us or email us at CustomerService@Filters2YourDoor.com.

How do I cancel my service or an upcoming order?

Please call us or e-mail us at CustomerService@Filters2YourDoor.com. We will perform a hassle-free cancellation for you- no questions asked.

What if I want to update my payment information?

Due to the sensitivity of payment information, we only allow card updates via our secure website. Please do not call or e-mail us your payment information. To update your card information, please log into your account, click on the “Edit” button next to your card information in your profile and follow the steps to update your card information.



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